This is exactly the kind of love you need to fight for or nothing at all

It’s funny how one of the greatest life lessons are imparted by the ones who themselves have been damaged at some point or the other. Deprivation is something which not only makes us encounter dejection but also entwines us within a web of hopelessness. Finding someone isn’t hard, but keeping them is. What is it that we should be patient for, what is it that we should search for and what is exactly the kind of love you need to fight for? (This is why you shouldn’t let them go even if it break your heart)

the kind of love you need to fight for

The kind of love you need to fight for

Is when they choose you, not once, but every single day and with every passing breath of theirs. They choose to choose you even when they have others pouring attention on them. Choosing you shouldn’t be akin to a dilemma, it should be a proud choice that for them, goes without saying. (Do read how you can find the right person)

“And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.”

The kind of love you need to fight for

Is when they accept you for your true humanistic side and not for the cooler version of you that you portrayed on your first date. They must be courageous enough to accept you for all those imperfections that drove others away. They must accept you in the times when you’re being unreasonable, unbearable and yet they are ready to engulf your raw soul in their arms like it’s a treasure they have always desired to have. ( read why you should give your love a second chance)

“You’re pretty much everything I’ve thought of for a while now”

the kind of love you need to fight for1

The kind of love you need to fight for

Is when they wish to explore that side of yours that you aren’t very proud of. They want to know every single moment that had been a part of your life, every little story that you’ve lived, an every single demon that you’re afraid of. They really wish to listen to all of that and never for once do they judge you. The more you open up, the more they fall for you. That’s the kind of love you need to fight for. Let there be someone who picks you up when you feel broken and gazes into your eyes only to tell you how much stronger you are and how much they believe in you(Find someone who is courageous enough to love a damaged soul)

“I can’t seem to keep my heart from leaking out of the cracks, like sand clutched in a fist.”

The kind of love you need to fight for

Is when even the small things about you, matter a lot to them. That’s ok if you hate putting tomatoes in your sandwich, or you cry while watching Titanic. They desire to know You. They wan’t to know that old story when you’d sleep off in school as a child and they’d want to know that  cheese burst pizza is your comfort food. They’d ask you stupid questions like on which side of the bed you sleep and how hot you like your coffee and remember all your answers. They should love it when you share your crazy dreams with them and they should adore you for those silly sounding detailed stories that you narrate. They would be the ones who’d truly want to know your favorites and not-so-favorites (Do read how he falls in love)

“In the interest of not pissing you off anymore tonight, let’s not select that particular playlist.”

But the question is how patient are we to wait and how strong can we be to let go off something which isn’t real? Don’t let the pain of loneliness make you settle for something average. There are already a lot of things in this world strewn with bouts of mediocrity, and Love shouldn’t be one of them. Do check out this video, it’s truly insightful. and Thank you my lovely readers for reading yet another post flooded with love. 🙂 Happy reading





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