What it’s like to date someone with a sweet tooth

The time has come when you need to let go off your habit of being around the salad eating calorie conscious people. Now that you have come across this little kid who still gets excited by the name of sweets you must know some things well. Depriving them from the savory sweet little foodgasms is like depriving the human body of its soul. Presenting the situations which you may face when you date someone with a sweet tooth

When you’re a kid, you’re not as corrupted by the world at large. You’re not corrupted by prejudices. You’re much more open-minded. Much more interested in the world around you. ‘Sweet Tooth’ is about the world returning to that kind of place. -Jeff Lemire

date someone with a sweet tooth

  • Don’t be judgmental if they order two desserts on the first date itself. That’s ok they won’t pretend that they like salad, they’d shamelessly delve into the whipped cream licking it off their mouth and if given a chance, yours too.
  • They’d often count calories, but eat that chocolate truffle pastry anyway.

  • Some of them come with love handles, chubby cheeks and a fluffy body for you to bite upon.
  • Try not to fume under your nose, if after having theirs they start gorging on your ice cream as well.
  • See how their eyes light up the moment you talk about cakes and sweets

  • They are pretty much in a vulnerable spot when eating sweets, this is the time you can talk about the things which irk them, chances are they won’t get mad at you.
  • You’d often catch them feeling sad about their chubbiness and at the same time stuffing their mouths with infinite Oreo cookies.

date someone with a sweet tooth

  • They aren’t that fussy or high maintenance, for even a spoonful of sugar can satiate their sweet rush. Just saved your few bucks on that red velvet cheesecake. ( still doesn’t mean you have escaped this forever)
  • Make them blush instantly by slipping mini cupcakes with love notes in their lunchbox.

date someone with a sweet tooth

  • For them nothing is ever “Too sweet”, neither the desserts nor your cheesy efforts to bring a smile on their face.
  • Their fridge would make you nostalgic about the candy stores you used to visit as a kid.
  • They would not only eat the sweets themselves but also spoil you and your diet by feeding you those delicacies.
  • People often contact them for suggestions regarding the best places to visit to try out desserts.


These few tips apart, I am kinda excited to share with you a fun pocket friendly date idea. Presenting a quirky game that would keep the two of you busy on a date night 😉





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