This is how he falls in love- The chemistry behind

How differently are the two sexes made?

Men and women are made differently not just anatomically but also the way in which their hormones function. So maybe when we read, in all the old books about how women fall in love when they have sex, we could have given a sincere thought to it. For a man it isn’t this simple. There is a different level of science about how he falls in love. For them love is more of a longer and patient process…

Most of us are blinded only by the theory of oxytocin shoot-ups. However the actual science is a little more complicated. (Psst..Do read about how to love a damaged soul)

he falls in love

What is the mechanism behind lust and love?

When in love the testosterone levels in women tend to rise and they become more aggressive, exuding a different kind of passion, perhaps even subtle bouts of dominance to pursue the man who has arrested their attention. However science has shown that men in love tend to be low on testosterone and thus they become more passive.

  • In women there are two hormones that play the game of love. Dopamine and oxytocin. So when a lady dates the man she is sexually attracted to, the levels of dopamine continue to rise. The oxytocin rises when there is physical contact like embracing, kissing or hugging. And the oxytocin skyrockets when a women has an orgasm, hence in 99% of the cases women fall in love when they have sex. As silly as this may sound, but science has proven this.
  • However for men the story is way more twisted. Oxytocin or better known as the love hormone is countered by the rising testosterone levels. So yes, a man sexually attracted to a woman would have high testosterone but low oxytocin levels. That is he won’t be falling in love till the time his testosterone levels are less even during sex.

he falls in love

So how do we know when he is in love?

A leading research done by the biochemists of Harvard University says that the love hormone or the oxytocin level is high in married men and single men in committed relationships. While on the other hand, the testosterone levels are high in single men or the men who are casually dating. So what do we conclude? When do you decide if he is in love? (Read about why you should let go even when you haven’t moved on)

A man falls in love when he commits. Because then the chemical transmission inside him starts to change. The lust hormone or testosterone falls and stops fluctuating as found in single men. While the oxytocin and vasopressin levels start to rise.

he falls in love

So do we turn old school?

Maybe yes, if love is what you want as an outcome, perhaps you can wait before jumping into the bed with him too soon. Sex is totally an individual’s decision and there is no set formula regarding the number of dates you should wait for before sleeping with him. But it all depends upon the outcome that you are seeking. So that’s how you plan, now that you know how he falls in love. Don’t get me wrong but strategy is something we all make and always have ever since the two sexes started to intermingle. So equip your mind better before landing into the arena of love.

P.S. The video below contains some additional fun facts that I missed out upon. Do check it out. Do share your thoughts on this in the comments section.





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