We all love travel and would want to explore this big world. But not many muster up the courage to turn their dreams into reality. However there are some inspiring souls which don’t just exist, they live. They fight all odds and make moments count. Talk about challenges and Joanna Sutton is an apt example of triumphing over them

Why is she an inspiration?

Her bio on instagram by the name journeysofjo caught my attention, which read ‘wandering the world between cancer treatments.’ Her story would make you all numb with disbelief and inspiration. Joanna has been diagnosed with stage four cancer, which is incurable and has an average life expectancy of five years, though with advancements in the medical world this is surely improving.

“I was certainly in great shock when I discovered that I had breast cancer and I lost my mum to the disease nearly five years ago” recalls Jo, as called by her loved ones.



On juggling chemotherapy and travel…

Hard times are inevitable and they can shake us to the core. Despite this, Joanna didn’t let herself be bogged down. The initial days of the news were painful and melancholic, but, determined she decided to make the most of this precious life. “For the many weeks following my diagnosis I was in total shock and disbelief as I had strived for a career in the humanitarian sector and wanted to have children. However, neither of these are possible with this cancer. Therefore my only dream left is to travel and so now I am planning on seeing every country possible, so I sold my house to fund my new dreams.” She has to have to have treatment every 3 weeks for the foreseeable future so every third Thursday I need to be at the hospital. This obviously presents a huge problem as it has made travel very expensive but there is simply nothing she can do but get on with it with immense courage. Her oncologist has given her permission to miss one treatment so she can travel for 6 weeks once a year.

How she Explore’s Out Loud….

Isn’t it correctly said that not all superheroes wear capes. How many of us can actually dare to take such risks. Joanna has currently visited 34 countries and is capturing memories in every journey. Her Instagram page is embellished with innumerable colorful images of her fun filled travel moments. On being asked about her favorite destination, she happily reminisces about Nepal and says, “My favorite place I have been is certainly Nepal, such a beautiful country, I spent two months there many years ago and would love return.” This year she plans to visit Myanmar, Malaysia New Zealand and Cambodia. (amazing isn’t it?)

Her message to the readers…

My message is simply

“Life is short always follow your dreams as you only get one chance in this world.”

Her story is an inspiration to that every person who is struggling with their own fight. Life is a gift and Joanna’s story motivates us to treasure every single moment. It forces us to question that what is stopping us from doing what we have always wanted. Her travel journeys are worth listening to and for more of her gorgeous pictures, don’t forget to check out journeysofjo.






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