The first time you both talked, the first time you both smiled at each other, the first time you both held each other’s hands and the first time you  cried because it was now over. Sometimes love is a lot more than being physically close to someone. don’t you sometimes wonder that why some people continue to cross your mind even after you have parted ways with them?

We have grown up with this beautiful saying that people cross our paths for a reason. When it comes to loving and rekindling your romance with someone, it is advised not to do so. Reason is simple, if it didn’t work the first time, then it might not again. Yet there are cases which are different, there are times when you break up while still being in love and this is when you should give your relationship a second chance. Sometimes a half finishes love affair continues to haunt us in a way hard to explain.


#1 The Other person is Genuinely sad and remorseful for ruining things up the first time:

People make mistakes, and hurt is inevitable, but if someone is truly repentant, then don’t hold yourself back, don’t let the apprehension of being hurt hold you from falling in love again and give your relationship a second chance. Maybe they weren’t that expressive in the first place, but now they have confessed their true feelings.

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#2 the other person has evolved in a positive way:

Time often changes people. Some grow, others learn but many transform and improve as humans. Perhaps it was the distance that they felt while you both weren’t together or the circumstances. If the person has changed in a positive way then you can give your relationship a second chance.

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#3 You both have matured and are ready to leave the past behind.

Maybe it was a misunderstanding or immaturity or any erring on both of your part that it didn’t work out the the first time. But If you both have learnt your lessons and accepted your mistakes and you both are ready to put the past behind, then you must give your relationship a second chance and start afresh.

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#4 The circumstances have now changed

Perhaps in the past it was a situation of meeting the right person at the wrong time. For example you both shifted towns and were too immature to make it work at that time. But now you both have started living in the same town. So maybe things can be given a fresh start now.

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#5 You Both somewhere still love each other

Nothing left to be said or explained now. If love is there then you both would automatically make an effort to fix things, forgive and give each other another chance.

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Life hardly comes with second chances. But when it does, It’s best to let go off the apprehensions and melancholia of the past and finally give yourself another chance to cheer your moments in life. So don’t wait, ponder or further contemplate. Pick up that phone, and confess how much you still miss them. Be courageous enough to fall again for the one who made you vulnerable at some point of time.

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