Do you miss the times when a single thought of that one person would make your flushing with happiness? That lovely, hard-explain-kind-of-crazy-happiness when just one gaze into their eyes would make your day.

When perhaps every cliché thing that you had till now made fun of, seemed to make perfect sense. It is humbling how you slowly start becoming the person you have mocked till now. You try to keep yourself distracted, perhaps start dating other people just so that you could take your mind off them. But still you fail everytime. However still there are times in life when you have to let go off someone and  move on with your life for the betterment of both.

You move on every morning, wearing that smile towards that world, walking with a beaming confidence. However, as the night crawls in,so does the memories o the past you have shared with them. Those sparkly eyes, his childish carefree laughter, they way he would engulf you in his strong arms, the way his fingers would entwine into yours and you’d suddenly feel secured, the way you would look forward to listen to his voice every time his thoughts would cross  your mind.

This video showcases that emotion of sadness you fell When You Break-Up While Still Being In Love.



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Tanisha Sharma

CoFounder and Editor-in-Chief at ExploreOutLoud. She is a happy go lucky feminist, who believes in living freely and loving courageously. She has a deep penchant for reading, writing, travelling and is a true foodie to the core.

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