Well if you feel that dating a feminist is a cakewalk. Umm! Pause for a minute. Because you have just embarked a journey on a road not very easy to travel but mind you guys, you all can just brace yourselves to have a time of your life. Dating a feminist is an art and trust me I am not exaggerating. Keep these few things in mind and you can thank me later. 😛
Men since time immemorial have been intimidated by feminists. Feminists have often been misjudged as ones promoting misandry or man haters. Well we are not. So underneath are some of the reasons why you should be glad and what you should keep in mind while dating one.


Paying the bill

Yes we know that you are being a gentleman and she respects your initiative. But don’t take it out on your ego when a feminist insists upon splitting the bill or once in awhile paying on your behalf when you both are out on dates.

Lending a hand:

Men tend to lend their hands if there is a bad unkempt road or a rocky terrain. Well if a feminist genuinely needs help, she would herself ask for it. But don’t go about unnecessarily holding her hand, she might not appreciate this. After all she is not a feather light princess who would fall, and even if she does then she takes pride in getting up herself.

Those ‘awww’ gentlemanly habits:

A feminist won’t have a problem with your occasional  chivalry induced  gestures. In fact being a woman she also likes your polite behavior. But don’t go overboard by holding every damn door that comes in her way. And yes don’t be shell shocked if she holds a door for you in return. Rather enjoy that special treatment.

Sexist jokes are a big no:

Yes they are hell a lot offensive and they suck. Period.

Be a good conversationalist:

She is not just a feminist but a well read woman. And remember a well read woman is a dangerous creature so never bore her. You too would be encouraged to broaden your horizons, which is anyway good for you.

Making the first move:

Yes a feminist believes in equality. So you don’t have to worry about always being the one to initiate a conversation, a date or even sex. If she wants it, she is bold enough to downright say it.IMG-20150605-WA0026
You will have a lot to talk about:

Well a feminist is not a boring person. She tends to read, write, travel, photograph, play and hold interesting jobs. She loves trying out new things in life and she loves sharing them. Also she would always encourage you to share yours.IMG-20150605-WA0033
Ready in a jiffy:

A feminist is confident, and is not brainwashed by the typical cliché notions that women take hours to get ready. She can easily pull off the no makeup look and once in a while won’t mind going all girly. But the best part is that you will never have to wait long hours for her to arrive.

She can be vulnerable too:

Yes she is all head strong, but she is human too. And she is not afraid or ashamed to show you her vulnerable side if she is really into you. So never ever dare judge a her if she breaks down in front of you. She may be a feminist, but she has a sensitive side as well and only a few are privileged enough to see it.

She will never judge you:

It’s OK if you favorite color is pink, or you are a mama’s boy or you shed tears in front of her. Being a feminist she has always hated the gender based stereotypes created by the society. So obviously she would never judge you and would always accept you for the person you are. (isn’t that comforting) Trust me; she will love it that you are sharing not just your happiness but also your low points and weakness with her.

No V-day drama:

Now be glad to know that a feminist has not been brainwashed by the typical notions of cheesy romance. You don’t have to burn your money by buying her silly Valentine ’s Day cards, or teddy bears or all that typical stuff. She believes in love and admires romance. But you don’t need a special day to showcase your affection to her. A genuine gesture made any day-anytime will earn you the brownie points guys.

Support her ambitions:

There is nothing more a feminist can ask for. Your supporting her career and dreams can even make her fall head over heels for you. And remember never ever behave like a Male Chauvinistic Pig by saying that she doesn’t need to work and that you already have a high paying job. This might even cost you your relationship.

Note: These are my personal views, and by no means it’s mandatory for you to stick only to those mentioned above. You guys can always experiment and please share your views in the comments section if you have new ideas.



Tanisha Sharma

CoFounder and Editor-in-Chief at ExploreOutLoud. She is a happy go lucky feminist, who believes in living freely and loving courageously. She has a deep penchant for reading, writing, travelling and is a true foodie to the core.

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