“If a writer falls in love with you, you never die”

She gazes into nothingness through her glasses for a moment, slightly biting the pen held firmly in her delicate fingers, tosses back those lovely locks falling on her eyes, and then goes back to intently creating a magic with her writing. Yes I am talking about the girl who has a love for writing. I wonder how many of you misunderstand her for a boring person. Well by writing this article I am actually feeling a little vulnerable as I put forward some insights straight into a writer’s heart. So presenting some reason why you should be seeing that writer. Do not miss out these lovely gifts for a booklover.

They are understanding and sensitive: the art of writing needs a person to be insightful enough to be able to create writings worth reading. Thus writers are understanding people and if they fall for you they would value you and accept you for who you are.


Smartness alert: most of the writers have a deep affinity for reading so naturally they have knowledge on a plethora of distinct topics. They don’t talk about silly things and in the process writers can actually help you learn a lot of things. (Is she an alpha female or a feminist? then do read this article on how to love a feminist)



Won’t bore you: writers always something or the other to discuss about. You never have to worry about running out of topics for conversation.



Romantics at heart: be it Wuthering Heights or Pride and Prejudice a writer has grown up reading those. Their writing style not be necessarily romantic but trust me deep down we all are true romantics.




Might write about you: writers are always looking for inspiration and you never know when you might become their muse. Remember that they can both express their love as well as their hatred for you by the way of words.




They don’t just hear they listen: writers are patient creatures, be it finding a good story to write, or listening to the story of the special ones in their life. *and who wouldn’t want to be with someone with a genuinely patient ear*



Non clingy: they are capable and if I may add rather happy to be on their own. They treasure moments of serenity and would always give you space. Do check out some amazing pocket friendly date ideas to spend time with her.



Capable of telling why they love you in a hundred distinct ways: writers can captivate your hearts by the way of words which are genuine and which flow straight though their hearts.



Confess in the loveliest way: You can prepare yourself to be showered with heart melting love letters or poems. They are so creative and the way they play with words will actually make you fall for them.




Find happiness in simple things: writers are deep; they look for simple moments of happiness that life encapsulates in it. So in laymen’s  they are not high maintenance.




Passionate creatures who don’t quit: they have gone through in-numerous writers’ blocks and have come out victorious. One simple reason writers never quit, be it on their writing or on the people they love.


On impressing them: you can impress them with your genuine nature and a little knowledge about literature would actually earn you the brownie points. Never lie about your reading habits,for it may backfire because writers can instantly catch when a person is lying about reading a particular book. You may not be a hardcore bibliophile, no problem. But if you show a little interest in reading their works, this would really make them happy.


She is mysterious, she is at times hard to comprehend, she is a beautiful mess, loving her is an unforgettable adventure…



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Tanisha Sharma

CoFounder and Editor-in-Chief at ExploreOutLoud. She is a happy go lucky feminist, who believes in living freely and loving courageously. She has a deep penchant for reading, writing, travelling and is a true foodie to the core.

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