So you have started seeing that cute booklover. Wondering what to gift her? Ok don’t say “books”. Of course it’s the safest thing to gift but isn’t it a little predictable! Try to tickle that creative mind of yours and witness her appreciating your thoughtfulness.
Personalized bookmarks: We booklovers hate dog earring the books, one simple reason because we treat books like our babies and cannot imagine hurting them. So a personalized bookmark would not only help her remember that page number, but also the person who gifted it to her.

Invisible bookshelf: We booklovers not just love collecting books, but we also love admiring them on constant basis. So you will always get a chance of crawling into her thinking every time she looks lovingly at her book collection.

Page wrapped pencils: She is going thank you at the time when she is sitting in a boring lecture and those lovely pencils offer her respite by giving her a chance to go into a deep reader reverie.

Stylish reading glasses: It’s going to be an amazing gift for a booklover, because gone are the days when people would associate glasses to being nerdy. Now they are like a fashion statement.

Cute bookclips: These are similar to bookmarks but they have one advantage that unlike bookmarks they would never slide out from the pages. They would hold themselves to the book’s pages and you to her heart.

Booklover T-shirts: Buy a t-shirt in a color she likes and get her favorite quote printed on it. She would happily wear it and proudly flaunt it infront of her friends (remembering your each time she wears it).

Posters of her favorite novel: She surely owns that novel, but receiving a poster will simply add to her happiness. Make sure that you do write a personalized message at the back of the poster to make the gift even sweeter.

Adorable paperweights: The paperweight would not just stop the pages from flying away but also stop you from escaping her heart.

Quote calendar: Yes it may sound a little old school but nevertheless it’s very cute. If you are creative and don’t mind making an extra effort then you can even make a calendar yourself and adorn it with beautiful quotes by famous authors for every month. Trust me nothing matches the impact a handmade gift makes.


A booklover is not someone who would look for something expensive or extravagant. What they look for is a little sincerity and thoughtfulness. Happy gifting people.



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Tanisha Sharma

CoFounder and Editor-in-Chief at ExploreOutLoud. She is a happy go lucky feminist, who believes in living freely and loving courageously. She has a deep penchant for reading, writing, travelling and is a true foodie to the core.

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