(Yet sweeping her off her feet guaranteed)
Well I am going to make a big revelation here dear men. Brace yourselves. There is a huge misconception that women are only impressed by expensive gifts, swanky cars or extravagant dinners. No it’s not like that. Instead desire for simple but significant things. We love sincerity and creativity. And yes it’s very much possible to make us fall for you without burning a hole in your pockets. Read on and do try them out.


Look up the events calendar of your local paper, there’s tons of free events like art shows, block parties, and festivals that you can go to together. This pocket friendly date idea will give to time to know her much more.

pocket friendly date


Cook a meal together; cuddle up on the comfy couch while watching a nice movie. (it’s ok guys no compulsion to watch ‘The Notebook’) It is going to be a romantic and a pocket friendly date..

pocket friendly date


Go for a hike or a trek nearby. Enjoy each other’s company and at the same time experience the way nature rejuvenates you. Romance and a pocket friendly date in nature’s lap. Aah! sheer bliss. Don’t forget to check out these amazing trek places in India to go with your special someone. 


pocket friendly date


During winters, make a fire outside. Lie down holding hands while gazing at the night sky. Do check out me article on some cute pick up lines that you can use to make her smile.

pocket friendly dare

Meet each other for an early morning walk, workout together and drink fresh fruit juice later. An awesome pocket friendly date idea to combine romance and fitness.

pocket friendly date
During a windy day buy some kites and fly them together in a park. Laugh endlessly and be a kid. Who knows when love might strike you both. After all love has its own benefits.

pocket friendly date

If you both love animals then you can visit an animal shelter and play with the lovely puppies. this pocket friendly date would not just make you both happy but would also fill you with gratitude.

pocket friendly date
During late summer evenings, buy ice-creams and walk hand in hand. No matter how old school this may seem, but it would surely freshen up the romance. If you love ice creams do read our article on the most outrageous ice cream flavors in the world.

pocket friendly date
If the weather is good then go out cycling together.


Play a game of Monopoly or a chess game. The game continues for a long time and you both can chitchat. Don’t forget some nice music in the background. This pocket friendly date idea would fill you both happiness.



Play a video game together. I am sure she would love it if you teach her how to play.

Clubbing and discos are too mainstream. Invite her over to your place over lunch and don’t forget to ask her out to dance with you. Women love men who can dance and you don’t have to be perfect. Just have fun.


Women will always notice even the slightest effort you make for them. She might not say it but she always appreciates it deeply. I hope you guys liked the ideas. So cheer up your life you all. Do try them out someday and have a great time. Also if you have even more creative and new ideas please feel free to share in the comments section below. Happy dating.



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