He has got passion about a particular thing: be it his strong penchant for fitness, playing the guitar or photography. Seeing a talented guy with a skill is a total turn on, very alluring and not to miss really sexy.
what women find sexy in men (7)

Patient listening: It’s really flattering and inexplicably sexy when a guy remembers the small things we have said in the past. Of course we don’t expect you to become a human memo and remember every damn date or event, but once in a while remembering our favorite novel or our favorite dessert would always garner you those extra points.
what women find sexy in men (11)

Smartness: Nothing matches an intellectual badass with a quick wit. Period.
what women find sexy in men (10)

A great smile: People have different preferences when it comes to physicality. However a genuine smile is sexy in an evergreen way plus if you are blessed with white teeth then it puts a good impression about your oral hygiene too.
what women find sexy in men (6)

Sense of humor: Who doesn’t love to laugh? Laughter they say is also the best medicine. There is nothing sexy than a guy who can make you laugh even when you are going through a bad day.
what women find sexy in men (5)

Confidence: A guy who is confident about himself, his goals, his aspirations and knows what he wants in life is very attractive and remember a woman can very easily differentiate confidence with over-confidence, so make sure you know it too and don’t go overboard.what women find sexy in men (4)
Eye contact: We women love connection. And a guy with beautiful eyes who is not afraid to make a confident and a healthy eye contact (make sure you don’t creep us out by overdoing it) is so sexy that it  makes us go weak in the knees.
what women find sexy in men (9)
Well maintained stubble: Yes we are well aware of your no shave Novembers but we don’t want a forest growing on your face. Keep it maintained and sexy.
what women find sexy in men (2)

Chivalry: A chivalrous guy has always impressed all the ladies. So don’t hesitate, once in a while holding a door for us will only get you bonus points.
what women find sexy in men (1)

A man who smells good: No we won’t be climbing on top of you in that ghastly way it’s portrayed in the advertisements. But our hearts do skip a beat when your sexy cologne hits us.

what women find sexy in men (8)
Ambition: We women really admire a guy who is serious about his goals and future because to be honest later on swag won’t help in paying the bills and sustaining a lifestyle.what women find sexy in men (3)



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